Friday, June 23, 2006

Okay, I admit it. I'm a crocheter, but I do like to knit, too. There I said it. The K word. So sue me. lol I often buy Knitting magazines and books, and recently bought the book "Mason-Dixon Knitting". I love it! It's a fun, humorous look at knitting, full of wit and sarcasm. Two things I love. It makes knitting sound fun and funky. Two more things I love! Even if you don't knit, you'll love this book. It'll make you want to knit. The authors, Kay and Anne, were at the Mass Ave. Knit Shop in Indianapolis on June 10th for a book signing. It's the first time I've ever gone to a book signing. I just really wanted to meet these two gals, because they remind me so much of my friend Paulette and I, it's remarkable. They met on an internet knitting forum. Paulette (California) and I (Indiana) met on an internet crochet forum. Anne (Tennessee) and Kay (New York) became friends and started a blog, and then wrote this book together. Paulette and I have become friends and (along with some others who have joined the fun) have a thread going on Crochetville which has grown into a Fug Saga. It's practically a book itself, having over 400 posts! It started out innocently enough when Paulette asked for help with some really fugly yarn she bought on E-bay. It turned into a comical exchange, and now has grown into a hilarious story of the adventures of the Fugly Yarn Basket - which has developed a personality of star quality. "Fug" is presently on a World Tour, visiting Crochetville members (affectionately dubbed Aunties) all over the globe, and keeping a journal of his experiences. He has already visited Turkey and England. Yes, Fug's an international traveler now. A real jet-setter. If you find yourself with about 3 hours with nothing better to do, visit and search for the thread titled "Fugly Yarn Help". I promise you'll get a laugh or two. Or three.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hello Friends! I am excited to tell you about my newest book being released. It's called "Dashing Doggie Duds" by Leisure Arts. Crochet patterns for dog sweaters, ponchos, and blankets. Our 4-legged friends want to look stylish & be warm, too! The dog on the cover is a cute little Jack Russell - the same breed my daughter raises. I have two JRTs - Maggie & Millie. They love to model for me. I have another book coming out in July for Knitted Doggie Duds. I can't wait to see the book to see how they photographed the other designs! They do such wonderful work and are so nice to work with. I LOVE being a designer!!