Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Here are the hats I made my Grandkids over the weekend. They love for me to crochet things for them! Aren't they darling?! (Okay, perhaps I am a wee bit prejudiced)
I'm So Proud Caleb, my little Kentucky boy, and Sarah, Noah, and Hannah.

Hats for sale. Made to order by contacting me at crochetqueen1@verizon.net

Friday, May 12, 2006

American Idol Shocker! Were you as shocked as I was Wednesday night when Chris Daughtry got voted off? Did you see his face when Ryan told him he was going home? A look of utter dismay. I think everybody was shocked. Even Katherine. What a surprise! Especially since she messed up the night before and forgot the lyrics. I've never heard Chris mess up once - not a "pitchy" note in all of his performances. My heart went out to him. He looked so hurt and disappointed. Of the 4 finalists, he has the most talent. Elliot and Katherine have nice voices, but would you buy their CD? And Taylor is a very likable guy and a great performer, but again, would you buy his CD? I wouldn't. I think Chris should already HAVE a CD on the market! He's that good! I know talent when I see it, and Chris will do well. I read that he's already getting offers right and left. I really thought Chris and Taylor would be the final two, with Chris winning it all. I thought it was time for a rocker to win! Well, since I am the Crochet Queen, I wanted to make him a beanie for his bald head. I almost have it done. Started it last night. The thing is, I don't know where to send it. All I know is his hometown is McLeansville, North Carolina. I supposed if I send it there, surely the mailman would know where to deliver it. I found a really neat site www.chrisdaughtryfans.com which has lots of great pictures and keeps a journal of the happenings on American Idol. Here's what the beanie looks like. I'm making it in black - thought that would look good on him: (Do you think he'll wear it?)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello Friends! Here are my first two books published by Leisure Arts. "Completely Cozy Wraps to Crochet" has 2 ponchos and 2 shawls. "Ponchos to Crochet for Dolly and Me" has 4 sets of matching ponchos for little girls and their dolls. I'm very excited and honored to be published by Leisure Arts. Two more books are due out in July (unless they change plans). "Doggie Duds to Crochet" and "Doggie Duds to Knit". I'm hoping to get my two newest designs, "Whisper of Elegance" and "Coat of Many Colors" published some day. The ideas keep flowing - I'm on a creative roll! My hands can't keep up with my imagination. Ahhhh, so much yarn, so little time!

The two not pictured in the "Completely Cozy Wraps" are a Granny Poncho and a Butterfly Shawl.