Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Here are the hats I made my Grandkids over the weekend. They love for me to crochet things for them! Aren't they darling?! (Okay, perhaps I am a wee bit prejudiced)
I'm So Proud Caleb, my little Kentucky boy, and Sarah, Noah, and Hannah.

Hats for sale. Made to order by contacting me at crochetqueen1@verizon.net


Donna Lynn said...

Ooooh, the grandkids are sooooo cute!!!! Looks like you had a good time!!!

Shelle said...

Thanks, Donna Lynn. Yes, they're my favorite models. The first pic is Caleb and it was taken with my cell phone camera, that's why it's not very clear. I made it while we were at a restaurant eating pizza. The other 3 kids are my youngest daughter's'. Sarah is almost 9, Noah is 6, and Hannah is 17 months. They are so much fun and so energetic! They wear G-ma out!! But in a good way. ;)

OneCraftySAHM said...

I LOVE that hat! Very cool!