Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello Friends! Here are my first two books published by Leisure Arts. "Completely Cozy Wraps to Crochet" has 2 ponchos and 2 shawls. "Ponchos to Crochet for Dolly and Me" has 4 sets of matching ponchos for little girls and their dolls. I'm very excited and honored to be published by Leisure Arts. Two more books are due out in July (unless they change plans). "Doggie Duds to Crochet" and "Doggie Duds to Knit". I'm hoping to get my two newest designs, "Whisper of Elegance" and "Coat of Many Colors" published some day. The ideas keep flowing - I'm on a creative roll! My hands can't keep up with my imagination. Ahhhh, so much yarn, so little time!

The two not pictured in the "Completely Cozy Wraps" are a Granny Poncho and a Butterfly Shawl.

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Jodi said...

I just found your Crochet Wraps for Dolly and Me at our Craft Warehouse and I had to buy it. That's the 1st time I saw it in a store here. I just had to tell the cashier that I knew you. She thought that was cool.

Now I have to make some of these ponchos up.

By the way, my hubby was getting ready for hunting last week and he says, "Where's my boobie hat you made me?" He remembered to take it with him. He just couldn't wait to show it off! Thanks for that pattern, Shelle!

Have a great week!