Friday, July 25, 2008

Ocean Breeze Shawl

I designed this shawl to represent the beach. It's a very simple concept:
Choose a variety of colors and textures to look like sand, water, and sky. Change colors every few rows, leaving long strands for
fringe. Additional fringe can be added when shawl is finished.
Start with sand colors, and CO 3 sts on size 13 knitting needles.
K first row.
Next row and every row thereafter, K in front and back of beginning st on every row until your shawl is about 20" or so, then change to your ocean colors. Add some fluffy white yarn on a few rows, to create the look of foam on the waves
(knitting with 2 strands together). When you're satisfied with
the ocean colors, switch to light blues for the sky, using the lightest shades first as the sky is lightest near the horizon. Keep going until your shawl is the size you want. I used straight needles and had no problem getting 120+ sts on
them. You could use circulars if you prefer, but I just can't seem to develop a liking to those.
This project knits up quickly and results in a lightweight, breezy shawl that is perfect for summer. I made this one in 2-3 days. :D

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